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The Ultimate Asian MILF Experience

**In  EDMONTON  for only __6__ days **
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JUNE 11 - 16 __
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* Prebooked Appointments  required 
* Deposit required for First Time Clients
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Intimate Rates:
$2/minute for Text/Email
$3/minute for Voice
$4/minute for Video/Cam2Cam

Social Rates:
$50/hour for Text/Email
$75/hour for Voice
$100/hour for Video


Social Companion Rates:$150/hour

Studio Rates start at $300/hour


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Gift CertificatesAvailable

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If you can't trust me with a deposit, then why would you entrust me with exploring your most intimate self? I am a Certified Massage Therapist, and a Licensed Body Rub Practitioner working out of a Licensed Studio in Edmonton. A 25% Deposit is required for all New/First Time Clients in order to confirm your booking. This gives me some assurance that at least a fraction of the time that I invest into: booking, administration, coordination, customization, preparation and studio travel for You specifically - will not be for naught. I waive the Deposit for Returning Clients, but some Regular/VIP Clients actually opt to pay me the full session amount in advance- Yes it's true. Just so you are aware of the full spectrum of Client out there.

Intimacy begins with Trust. If you cannot extend to me this initial gesture of trust willingly and wholeheartedly, then there is no way that I can bring you there, and you have no business seeking my intimate services. Please see the DEPOSIT section for more details

License # 404689953-001

Passport Ready and Double-Vaccinated for your safety


Tantric Massage 


Geisha-K is a Certified Massage Therapist specializing in Full Body Tantric Massage (not covered by health benefit plans). A skilled Mature Asian Goddess with the gift of healing & ecstatic touch.


In the ancient days of Kingdoms and Kings, young Princes were initiated into their adulthood by a capable, skilled and mature Temple Woman…Today, that erotic rapture and reverence is still within your reach. Sensuous & eloquent, Geisha-K offers therapeutic grade massage with an exquisite finish. Knowledgeable in the arts, philosophy, politics, spirituality, sacred sexuality and business, you can discuss any topic with her and be assured of an insightful and understanding response with complete confidentiality. An ideal companion, seductress, attendant and teacher.

All ages 18+ welcome.

Let me treat you like a King or a Prince.

Bi-Males and All Abilities accepted with reverence.

Respectful gentlemen only please.

60 minute Sessions Available:

* Tantric Lingam Massage (TLM) 

* Girlfriend Experience (GFE) includes DFK and DATY


* Perineum (external) or Prostate (internal) Massage (PEM/PIM)

* FEET fetishists welcome

* Cross-Dressers welcome

** Customized Services, Kinks and Add Ons may be negotiated into one complete package price. Contact to Discuss**

   ~ Sorry NO Greek, CIM, CIP or COF~

**All penetrative services must be with protection**

Hands On Demonstration/Training Sessions - Solo or Group: 

~ Tantric Sexual Re-Education (TSR) 

~ Couples Enhancement Training (CET)

~ MFM threesome

** Male Guest available for MMF/MFM services.



Do you miss that Loving Touch?

Full body oil massages and Tantric teachings are Geisha-K’s specialty, so you will want to book a minimum 60 minute session with her! Consider a combination of Social and Intimate time rates to get the fullest pre-session and after care fulfilment.  Elevate your soul’s desires and cultivate your rapture with Geisha-K.


Intimacy and Discretion.
Connection. Compassion. Communion.

Invest in your sexual health, wellness and happiness.

*Ideal for Professionals, Semi/Retired, and Business Travelers seeking high quality companionship, therapeutic relaxation and genuine intimacy and release. 


Text Only Direct: 587-905-5233
License # 404689953-001 

**LIVE Virtual Services offered via Text Voice and Cam. 

10 minute minimum sessions.

Verification Available:

        -> 5 minute Voice for $10 (non-intimate)

        -> 5 minute Video for $20 (non-intimate)



Package #1 - 'The Experience' // TLM + BBHJ  300

Indulge your weary body, heart, mind, and soul in a slow full body sensual massage with warm oils and attentive hands. Ideal for those who want to just lay back, close their eyes, carry no performance burdens, and simply RECEIVE their prolonged  bliss at the hands of my skillful touch. Also a great choice for those seeking a 'first time' tantric  experience and/or deep release and relaxation. For this package, I wear a sarong and soft lace panties to provide you with: A Full Body Tantric Lingam Massage (TLM) with warm oils and BB-HJ  finish.

Package #2 - 'The Interactive' // TLM, BB-HJ + GFE (LFK, DFK, DATY, DATO) + BBBJ 350

Do you prefer a more 'hands on' experience where you can touch and caress, perhaps also kiss and undress me? Do you love the  scent and taste of a woman,  and to feel her squirm and clench around your fingers and tongue? To hear her  gasp as you squeeze and massage her breasts, trace  and lick her fluids across her  thighs, and to feel her lips and mouth all  over your body as well? Then Package #2 -'The Interactive' is what you want. For this Package, I wear a sarong and crotchless black lace panties with pearls (as shown in my Shop for separate 'Momento' purchase -new or used ;) ] to provide you with: A Full Body Tantric Lingam Massage (TLM) with warm oils, BBHJ,  plus  GFE (LFK, DFK, DATY & DATO on me > oral no FS) and BBBJ finish.

Package #3 - 'The Consummate' // TLM, BB-HJ, BB-BJ, GFE (LFK, DFK, DATY& DATO) + MSOG + FS 400

Does entering a woman give you the fullest experience that you desire? Do you like to explore different positions to discover our best fit, and then sink into your fulfilment over and over again? Do you enjoy being held, nestled inside, with my arms and legs wrapped around you until all spasms and shivers subside? Then Package #3 - 'The Consummate' is what you want. For this Package, I start with wearing a Sarong and optional panties. I do enjoy panty play - tugging, pulling, maybe even ripping (replacement fee for this though, lol), as well as full body contact - where I may use different parts of my body to massage yours (e.g., slides, accessible positions while I deliver the TLM, etc.). This package provides you with: A Full Body Tantric Lingam Massage (TLM) with warm oils, BBHJ, GFE (LFK, DFK, DATY & DATO> oral), BBBJ plus MSOG + FS finish.


I adore men who are responsive to my touch,  sounds/utterances and who are communicative in turn. My practice of Tantra is grounded in a relationship of Sensual and Sexual Reverence and Reciprocity....


With an Experience Package #1, I start by asking you to lay face down after your shower, then eventually turn you over..sometimes, entering you into other poses along the way. I watch and listen for your every response to my touch - your breathing, your shudders, the goosebumps that trail across your flesh, the way your knees edge outwards, feet pointing and flexing, toes clenching and releasing, whether you bury your face in the pillow or arch it upwards as your throat lets escape the sounds of your sensual satisfactions; whether you reach and grasp for me, and whether your fingers are soft and trimmed. I absorb and respond to it all. My hands will attend to every twitch and flutter. Witnessing your arousal progress makes me quite wet. If I see you ready and opening, I might ask you at this point whether you would like to add a Prostate Internal Massage to your package without interrupting the coiling energies around us and swirling upwards within us. I follow no script except for  the dance of your body. And I do love to make you sing ;).

ADD ONs for 20 each:

 - Sensual Toe Sucking

 - Post-Cream Rub In

ADD ON for 50:

 - Prostate Internal Massage (gloved)

 - Pegging Toys (you may bring your own)

 ADD ON for 100:

 - Strap On with Wolf Dildo (you may also bring        your own) *factor extra lead up time for this.


The Interactive and Consummate packages start the same way as the Experience, with added nuance and options. In these higher level packages, you are allowed to touch  and engage with me, which opens up many more possibilities.


PATHWAY OPTIONS: - What kind of 'Approach' do you want for YOUR Interactive and Consummate Sessions?

* 'The Slow Dance': We may start with a slow dance fully clothed before showering, you may kiss and gently undress me, share with me about your day or any thoughts or worries you may wish to relinquish into my confidence. This is ideal for those more comfortable in the secular sensual space rather than the spiritual. We can also just jump straight into the TLM after your shower and talk (or remain silent) during the  massage :)

ADD ON for 50: 

- Slow strip and lap dance (5-10 minutes)


* 'The Rough Dance': NOT a gateway for violence of any sort. Rather, this is more for men who like to take the lead but with an equally assertive partner. You can lead the dance, holding me close and more firmly, grabbing my buttocks in both hands and lifting me up against you while still fully clothed. Come up from behind me, press me into the wall or bend me over the bed..We can strip each other  with less gentility, enjoy some resistance play (safe words and limits pre-discussed). I do not accept any choking, slapping, biting, hair pulling or any nails or markings on me, but I can definitely provide it for you. Ideal for 'Switches' who enjoy the dynamic power play.

            ADD ON for 50 per:

- Tear a hole through my Nylons and Panty-Play (pulling and tugging even ripping my panties)

- Light  Bondage, Blindfold & Ropes

- Humiliation (for you) & dirty talk 
- Tsundere (Sweet and Sour)

* 'The Cultivation Dance': We start with some breath work,  sitting across from each other, taking a few minutes to ground and be present with each other, perhaps setting an intention if so moved, as well as some gazing, light touching, energy and scanning techniques. This choice is ideal for the genuine Tantric practitioner who is already familiar with some Tantric, Taoist or Buddhist precepts/teachings, working with breath and chakras/energy centres, has established self-knowing skills, adroit communication skills, and is intent on cultivating further with a capable, experienced, knowledgeable and intuitive partner. Sincerity of intention and attentive devotion to this '2-person cultivation' way is more important than prior Tantric experience, so novices with genuine affinity and intent to learn are welcome to request this also. However, some degree of self-study and prior practice in 'Love Without Possession' is desirable and will be a factor in my assessment of your 'fit' for the practice. Take advantage of my lower VIRTUAL Social Rates to discus your unique situation, capacities, intentions and goals with me directly.

                     VIRTUAL SOCIAL RATES for 1 hour:

Text /Email    -  50

Voice              -  75

 Video              - 100

*These rates also apply for Intimacy Coaching and Sensuality Consultations, or if you just want to speak your mind to me on any topic!


'The CONSUMMATE PACKAGE #3: Well *blush*. I think we all know what this is, but how we get there can be in any variety of ways. All the prior packages are included in this one (apart from the ADD Ons), and you will have full access to indulge in all activities in any order and with any frequency (MSOG & FS).

You can also select your Pathway/Approach:
        - Slow Dance
        - Rough Dance, or
        - Cultivation Dance to suite your mood.

If you want the FULL BENEFIT of the TLM and Consummate Package, then 2 hours is highly recommended, as this will give us the ideal amount of time to explore all facets without any pressure. My hand and mouth techniques are exquisite, and my Yoni can have a mind of her own ;). I will ask you about your favourite 'release triggers', and also ask if you would like to try for them all during our session. Results are dependent on your capacities too, so feel free to tell me the whole bucket list, but also hold space for acceptance of come what may. I will be sure to accommodate all that I can. 

I accept Studio bookings up to 4 hours, and may also consider overnights or  full days and weekends. Successive hours for Studio Bookings of both Social and Intimate Rates are offered at a discount, depending on your VIP Level.

SOCIAL Companion Rate: $150/hour

INTIMATE Rate: $300-400/hour (depending on Package/Duration/VIP Level)

OVERNIGHT (16 hours): $2000 (includes 8 hours of sleep/personal time for me. Combination of Social and Intimate Time. Accommodations, dinner and breakfast provided by you)

WEEKEND (48 hours):  $4000 (Includes 8 +2 hours per day of sleep/personal time for me. Combination of Social and Intimate Time. Accommodations, meals and travel provided by you).


My Voice and Breath, as well as how my Body Moves are like a symphony you can conduct if you know how to tune in to my orchestration ;) The more a man pleasures me, the more my whole Being WANTS to pleasure you. I may use various parts of my body to knead and caress you: hands, tongue, lips, chin, elbows, thighs, feet, knees, or a full body slide (currently exploring making my own Nuru gel - TBD). I  may explore different positions to find how best our bodies can fit (I recently had a session with a SuperWeight Man and he was ecstatic to discover some incredibly delicious positions that he had never even known existed, much less experienced before! TBH, I was pretty ecstatic too ;) ). I am very tactile and exploratory: Sometimes using a featherlight, firm or deep touch, sometimes using my sarong and naturally long nails. I curate your experience by reading your body and responding in ways that elevate it further and further. 



I crave to tongue-massage your Lingam inside my mouth when I see it engorged, especially when you are also pleasuring me. Side-lying 69  is one of my favourite positions, so don't be afraid to ask or manoeuvre us there.  By all accounts, I have a very skillful tongue and a ravenous appetite. And if your fingers and mouth are skilled, I may allow you to make me squirt and orgasm..


I will at all times hold you in the deepest of reverence. I am adept at being able to see each person's Inner Beauty and spirit, and of course, the way you touch me - physically and energetically - is my primary focus stimulus (viz., all body types welcome). I  adore being caressed softly and gazed upon, your lips brushing against my nape and earlobes, your  hands exploring me - both softly and firmly - massaging my round buttocks, stroking up and down my back, cupping the base of my head as we kiss deeply, your fingers perhaps at this point concurrently probing my warm and moist depths...I love being fingered!! lols. Especially while feeling your breath against my neck and hearing you whisper delicious things into my ear. (In fact, during the TLM in Package #2 & #3 - I will position your arms in a way that can 'reach' me while you are still face down!).


If you place your mouth over my aureola, it may make me shiver. I don't like being slapped or scratched, but fervently groping to fill your palms with as much of my flesh as possible, then kneading and massaging, stretching, pushing and pulling - will definitely get me juicy. If you enjoy playing with my breasts, I may teach you a specific manoeuvre that drives me wild. I never need lube if we give ourselves enough time for the build up. Dynamic responsiveness is  what I  enjoy most in an attentive lover - from soft and teasing to hard animalistic voraciousness - but learn how to read my cues and follow my instructions, limits and safe words, or the session will end without any further recourse.

The Ideal Consummation finish is of course our synchronous orgasms. For this, mutual reverence and respect must be adhered to at all times, even in consensual resistance or semi-rough play.


No COF, CIM, CIP or Greek. FS with protection. If I tell you to stop, you better listen. I mean it. 
I do not a
ccept any choking, hard slapping, biting, hair pulling or any nails or markings on me, but I can definitely provide it for you. If you hurt me in any way (e.g. untrimmed fingernails during digits play), or if I feel in any way unsafe with you, the session will end - no refunds.
If you aren't sure, just ASK first - simple really.

If you want to dictate what I should wear, you can expect a 50-100 change fee surcharge, and possibly the Bill for the Cost of a New Outfit!
* Please do not wear any cologne or strong synthetic smells (e.g. laundry detergent). I am extremely allergic to chemicals, but natural / essential oils are perfectly fine. Keep it light or nothing at all works great!
I prefer that you either freshly shave or have a soft/grown out beard for DATY/DATO. Stubble hurts. I sometimes trim or keep it natural down there (I do not have much body hair in general. Although you might enjoy my long black and silver hair). You are welcome to trim, shave or come natural also. Again, stubble hurts.

Massage, Slow Tantalizing Teasing, Seduction, Nylons, Ropes, Light Restraint on ankles and wrists, Feet/Toes, Tantric Kissing, Flowers, Gifts, Fabric, Essential Oils/Aromas, Poetry (especially in different languages) Touching through clothes/partially clothed, Tantric Lingam Massage, receiving Tantric Yoni Massage, Guiding you to become the Best Lover that you can be! Location Kinks: Outdoors, Office Desks, Supply Closets, Stairs, Balconies. INCLUSIVE: Superweight, Underweight, All Abilities, CDs, Feet and Toe Fetishists, Cleaners and BiMales welcome! 


FAVE NAUGHTY FANTASY: Being taken out to a fancy dinner and the Opera or Symphony wearing our finest attire, then being taken from behind, bent over or up against the wall in an alleyway *devil grin*. Make the street urchins blush ;)

ULTIMATE PERSONAL HAPPINESS GOAL:  To become a HOT WIFE to a self-secure, devoted, wealthy, brilliant, insightful, modest, worldly, attentive, compassionate, caring, communicative, confident-without-being-arrogant man....who would love to reclaim me every time, or to watch and possibly also participate in an MFM or Group/Moresome...I don't want a 'cuck' per se. I want to admire and wholly respect my Man. I want him to know how much he fully satisfies me. I also want my forays with other lovers to be a genuine turn on for him, whether he chooses to participate with them directly or not. I also hope he really enjoys filling me with his ..substance ;) over and over and over again! I am extremely ravenous for ..'substance'.. and since my work is only with Covering, it makes my Yoni crave it even more to my womb!!



ROLEPLAYS I will consider for an additional 100:

- The MILF Next Door

- The Hot Wife and  the Milk  Man

- The Doting Mother of your Best Friend

- The Pious Aunt

- The Distracted Librarian

- The Vengeful /Jealous Wife

- The Unskilled Asian *feigned Asian Accent ADD 50

- The Asian Martial Artist *grappling and sparring ADD 50 and you must also have been trained.  

- Other: You may propose a Scenario and I will consider it.

*NOTE for CUM fantasies (which I adore), try my Virtual SEXTING options...see my Picture & SextingCOMBO Packs

2 Pics and 10 minutes of sexting for $30
3 Pics and 20 minutes of sexting for $50

*Please have the Gift Card Redemption Code ready in hand for most prompt service*


STUDIO LOCATION: I conduct all my studio work as a Licensed Provider out of a Licensed Facility located in Central Edmonton. These are wonderfully large rooms, with big tall high beds and modern showers in every room. I may consider outcalls to hotels only, but usually only after we have met at least once before at the Studio. This is really the safest, most discrete, and most legitimate place for us both.


TOURING: Due to growing requests from a variety of cities, I am now looking into doing some Touring. If you want me in your closest major City, send me a message with your preferred area and I will notify you of when I can fulfill your request.


- You are required to take a shower both before/upon arrival, and after the session as part of your session time. Showers and towels are provided on site, as well as some body wash, but you may wish to bring your own to remain 'scent consistent' or if you have sensitivities. 

-Personal Hygiene: Please note that any dental or hygiene issues may impact my ability to engage in DFK/LFK with you.

- Please book ahead as much as possible, with a minimum of 24 hours notice. I ask that you TEXT me on the day of your session 1-2 hours before your scheduled session time, so that I can provide you with any instructions, as well as upon arrival, so that I can greet you personally at the studio.

- A 25% DEPOSIT is required for every New Client.This is waived for returning clients that I have already met in person. Payment via gift card preferred, but eTransfer is also accepted. If you are concerned about my reputability, just search for my reviews in google. Search Keywords: #geisha-k, #tantric massage, #reviews. Trust is the foundation of meaningful and powerful intimacy. If you can't trust me with a Deposit, then you shouldn't be entrusting me with your pleasures.

- If I am already at the studio when you contact me, I may consider waiving the  deposit requirement. However, your scheduled session cannot be guaranteed unless you have provided a deposit  (E.g., if another Walk  In arrives for a similar time, then they may take your slot if you haven't provided a Deposit).

- For Cancellations providing 24 hours or more notice, I can carry forward your Deposit to the next session, if that session is rescheduled during my current Visit availability. If you do not provide a minimum of 24 hours notice, or if you do not reschedule during my active availability, then the Deposit is forfeit and you will need to issue another Deposit as a New Client in order to book your next session with me.

- I do not accept bookings that are less than 1 hour. The only time I would only consider this if I am already at the Studio, and you actually walk in fully prepared.


**SUCCESSIVE HOURS Discounts are offered at 20% - 50% off the Base Hourly Price, depending on your VIP level. I like to take my time, and so will you.

VIP Level Discounts on Successive Hours:

New Clients = 20% discount 

Returning Clients = 30% discount

Regular Clients (4+ visits) = 40%

         VIP Clients (book me every time I visit) = 50%

Example: Package #1 Base Price of 300 for 2 Hours
New ClientsBase Price 1 hour  (300) + 20% discount on 2nd hour (240) = 540
VIP Clients : Base Price 1 hour (300) + 50% discount on 2nd hour (150) = 450


Need to discuss things in detail directly with me? 
at a more affordable price point.


Text    -  50

Voice  -  75

Video - 100

*Please Text or Email me with your proposed Social Time details, as well as the corresponding fee via gift card -Redemption Code (16 digits, separated by hyphens). Please allow 24 hours for me to respond, and allow up  to 48 hours for the virtual session to take place.



Contact me by TEXT ONLY: (587) 905-5233

Or by Email:


ADD ON for 20 each:

 - Sensual Toe Sucking

 - Post-Cream Rub In

ADD ON for 50 each:

 - Prostate Internal Massage (gloved)

 - Pegging Toys (you may bring your own)
 - Slow strip and lap dance (5-10 minutes

 - Light  Bondage, Blindfold & Ropes

 - Humiliation (for you) & dirty talk
 - Tsundere (sweet and sour)

 ADD ON for 100 each:

 - Strap On with Wolf Dildo (you may also bring        your own) *factor extra lead up time for this.
 - Tear a hole through my Nylons and Panty-Play (pulling and tugging, ripping my panties.)

-  ROLEPLAYS as listed

Select Your Package
What To Expect
Pathway Options/Approach
Social and Intimate Rates
As Your Intimacy Partner
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My Limits
Contact Me
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Hands ON Services offered include:
Infinity heart paint 3d.JPG

Girlfriend Experience (GFE)


Perineum / Prostate Massage

Read more

Group Chat Sessions Join the LIVE CHAT page every Monday night from 8pm-10pm MST for an opportunity to chat with GeishaK in real time. Option to open a Private Group Chat where we can engage in live action erotica over text until we are all satisfied ;). Entry Fee required.

Golden Chakra

Tantric Re-Education

Edited Image 2014-1-1-17_29_6_edited_edi

Couples Enhancement Training (CET)

*Open to MMF/MFM Requests*
Male Guest available for your open-minded explorations.

Oriental Lotus
Virtual Services offered :

To satiate your urges and needs more immediately

TEXT 1 icon.JPG
Voice Icon 1.JPG

Minimum 10 minute sessions.


Video icon 1.JPG
Equalizer Icon



Studio Sessions provided in centrally located Licensed Facility

 Obsessions on Whyte
Pre-Bookings with minimum 24 hours notice required.

Check my Available Dates and the Obsessions Calendar

for my current schedule


License # 404689953-001

Geisha K_1.jpg
f3ed8ec5-2ca0-41f5-8d06-a72a56399b79 - Copy.jpg

Text Direct  1-587-905-5233

or email:

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